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Welcome to my third online book of poetry.

Like everything else on this website, it is something of an experiment.

I wanted to present my new poetry in a novel format, and I decided to make it into a picture book.
I went through the drawings that I have also been working on and picked out a complimentary drawing for each poem.

Therefore, it is important to note that the images and the poetry are not necessarily linked, beyond the fact that I created them all during 2002 and the first half of 2003, and that they are now being connected on these pages by colors and presentation. Honestly, I am quite worried that all the colors may detract from the poetry.

What do you think? Email me at: obstacle_course@yahoo.com


To advance to the next page, just click on the pictures!

I didn't want to messy up the pages with buttons and stuff (sorry). Did you know that on a PC, you can right-mouse-click on the "Back" button in most browsers to skip back several pages instead of one at a time? Useful stuff when you have an irresponsible web page author like myself, intentionally being difficult and not providing adequate browsing tools.

I'm also not going to include a table of contents at this point either, although I may rethink this if I get any objections. These 35 poems are all extremely short and the whole collection could easily be read in less than ten minutes. Unless you are using dial up and the pictures take a long time to load. Hmmm.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the artwork and the poetry. If you are so inclined, please send me your honest opinion on anything herein- poetry, spelling, tacky color schemes, excessive use of the polor coordinates special effect in my graphics program, use of obscene language, umm, my weak and apologetic introduction page and it's aqua and maroon color scheme, my poor design techniques, my tendency to revert to lists when I am rambling, my oversimplification of ideas in the poetry, my use of gimmicks to enforce the grouping of poetry and pictures, the lack of a table of contents or navigation buttons, my foolish expectation that some people actually read all this text I litter my pages with, etc, etc...

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